A Little Insight

Georgia is a British Artist who was born in Cornwall. Having experienced a portion of her childhood growing up in rural France and now residing back home in Cornwall, she is widely inspired by and actively seeks out the natural world that has encompassed her life growing up. She works predominantly in oil, water mixable oil and charcoal.

Georgia studied at Plymouth University and received a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Photography. 2014-2017

Some of Georgia’s smaller works can be seen in person at The Craftmongers in Ashburton and Artisan in Chagford.


Something About A River – Solo show at The Terrace Gallery Cornwall – January 2022

FRESH! – The Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton 28th May – 23rd July 2022

Studio Nine Pop up Exhibition, Totnes 1st – 6th August 2022

FORM Art Fair Falmouth 30th September – 2nd October 2022

English Riviera Winter Open – Artizan Collective, Torquay – 12th November – 24th December 2022


Form Art Festival, Falmouth 2022


Studio Nine Exhibition, Totnes 2022

A Few Words

To go inwards takes courage, to really look inside yourself and start reflecting on who you are, your experiences, your trauma, forcing you to be vulnerable.

The act of painting and internalised thoughts and feelings are connected. They are connected because through painting I externalise these ideas. Through going inward, creates a need to express these ideas which then results in my works I create, but it also creates an understanding with myself and who I am. They become one, and when they do this is where I believe the magic really happens, where I feel a part of me then resides within the work; I become a part of the work. That is why I paint.

My inspiration and ideas come from my external surroundings, as well as my internal self. I have a great affinity with landscape and find immense comfort in the rural and wild spaces that I have been fortunate enough to grow up in and that continue to surround me as an adult. There is a real sense of belonging to these landscapes and I believe they help to shape who I am as an individual. They pass through me, as do the conversations, people and sounds of the everyday in a diluted form, filtering into my subconscious and releasing externally into my work.

I hope this to be something my viewers can also seek out and experience.